Happy Visitors


I send my 3 dogs to happy dogs 5 days a week and it was one of the best decisions my family and I have made in our lives. They are completely different dogs than they were when they started to go there and the changes were definitely for the better. My dogs are just like my children and I trust Katie and Gabor with them every day when I drop them off I leave with a smile on my face knowing my babies are in good hands. Being able to go on Facebook and see pictures and updates throughout the day makes it that much better because I miss them but seeing that they are happy and having fun makes me feel so much better. Thank you to Katie and Gabor for making the difference and having the patience to deal with my babies..~Bernice W.
We have been sending Jackson to Happy Dogs ever since he was 16 weeks old and he is now 2. It is reassuring to know, that we never have to worry about the care he receives whether it is for the day or the week. Jackson has learned socialization, good manners and sure does get his exercise while attending. He loves his time there, on the mornings of his visits he cannot get us out the door fast enough! We are so lucky to have Gab and Katie and wish you the best of luck with your business. It truly is your calling and it is so sweet to see the love you share with all the pooches!~Alison M.
We own a 4 year old female boxer, Becks (named after David Beckham). Becks has been attending Happy Dogs for over a year. The first meeting we had (with Becks) was with Gabor. I was AMAZED at how he handled her from the start. Boxers are generally very active and hyper, and Becks was all that and more. Within a minute Gabor had Becks sitting and behaving, even though we were in a new area with other dogs. Within a month Becks started to attend Happy dogs, she attends approximately once a week. On her first visit, within less than an hour there was a picture (posted on Facebook) of my hyper boxer sitting very pretty with 7 or 8 other dogs for a picture. I am lucky to get her to sit at home for a picture. When I am about to take Becks to Happy Dogs, I always say, "Who wants to go to Doggy daycare?" Instantly she runs to the door and begins whining to leave. Once In the truck she starts to get very excited once we are on the street of Happy Dogs. The trip home is the opposite, she is often sleeping within a minute or two. Before attending Happy dogs, Becks had 1 slight issue. If another dog showed any signs of aggression she would quickly flatten them (not hurt them, but it was ugly). Becks no longer has that issue and is not bothered by another dogs growls. On a personal note, Katie and Gabor have been wonderful!!! On one occasion I had to cancel Becks day at Happy dogs, as we had a family emergency. Katie asked if she could help and I explained the situation. Within a few hours Katie had found (and emailed me the details) of a place to rent, near the hospital in her hometown. Kind souls!!!! We are fortunate not to 'require' services of a doggy daycare, but have found it enhances the life of Becks. You can tell how much she loves to attend and how she adores Gabor and Katie.~Darlene B.
Rory knows where we are going when we turn down Adam Street. She jumps out of the car and runs to the door with her tail wagging. When we get inside she looks for Gabor. She absolutely loves it at Happy Dogs. Right now she is curled up on her bed snoozing, tired from her weekend of fun at Happy Dogs.~Paula B.